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Text Content

Amount, balance and mix of text for ranking higher.

Text Content

Usability is key factor in seo content writing. There are hard to digest articles. We made it simple here for easy usage.

Commonly optimized content is not enough any more. Because it will be hardly unique. You need to give right thing to right people. That's called contextual factor and it is needed for semantic search. Market research will play important role.
Keywords are still valid but they will not return result if text lacks in quality.

Also you need to focus on engagement to improve average visit duration and reduce bounce rate. Such things will get shared more and send positive signals to Google.
According to Webmaster guidelines following 2 points are enough from search robot's viewpoint.

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Organization of Content

Arrange topics of your target niche in different webpages in clear segments. Try not to mix up broad subjects areas.
Also, present whole webpage in clear hierarchy. And one must use heading tags whenever necessary. Vitally, try to maintain a logical flow throughout the content.

Making pages for users

In a guideline Google says while you create a webpage, make it keeping in mind your users and not search engines.
You have to provide real value in your content. Make it information rich and as unique as possible, so that visitors find it useful..

Using Keywords while writing. Be more cautious

Everybody, desiring search optimized page uses one particular keyword intentionally in webpage headings and content as well as in meta tags and urls. Google also encourages to do so,
But some people get the notion wrong and use keywords or keyphrases so many times that the text sounds wired. To specify right quantity of keyword is not possible in content writing for seo. You have to figure out yourself whether you are sounding wired or not.
Summing up you need to have clear communication through your content in spite of using keyword

Keep balance between image & text

Image gives a visual appeal, and you need them badly for UX. But be selective while you convey information through images in place of text. 
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Important info
Like names or address or contact information or crucial text should be presented in text. Stuff you think should be told to search crawlers.
Use on links
It's a dangerous habit to practice in large scale. Robots can't get anchor text from image link and can't determine PageRank. You should use text instead.

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4 Common Content Problems

People go for shortcut in content creation and create trouble for seo

Hidden text

Optimized content for search engines and something else for users. Because you don't want to show your seo text to human you hide it by programming. Don't do that.


Spinning some coppied content or creating completely new ones with softwares. Whatever may the software provider says, you must remember it's dangerous. 

Scraped or coppied

You see few blogs and copy various portions from them, and throw all the junk into your blog. Needless to say it will not help. Take reference, cite others but be reasonable.
If you want to buy articles, be sure they are not selling it to others.

Not useful

You know well about your legal pages, landing pages and sometimes pages created by users with your tools or through opening account or commenting. Block them with meta robots or they will bring your entire website down in ranks.

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