OGP & Twitter Card

Create & edit sharing snippets for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+

To get OGP and Twitter Card Data Tags for webpage header, enter relevant information here. Of course they depend on type of your website, e.g. ecommerce, blog post, software, product, portfolio, audio-video media webpage etc.
After you are done, just get the HTML code and copy paste into your webpage header area. People who share those pages, will find a click friendly snippet in their google post, pins, tweets, facebook wall.


Social media meta tags - What, Why and How? Along with popular 2 variants. If you are just starting out read following docs.

When people click on those sharing buttons on your webpage, they share it with their friends and followers. And you get traffic and leads. But how to make up your webpage to look great and generate more clicks? Answer is the objective of these meta tags in header area of your Page's markup.

These tags have different types of names and properties. There are lots of documentation available in OGP, Twitter Card and Rich Pin manuals. But no interactive creator, which will intuitively generate the best code you need. Here, you get just that without clatters of optional fields.

A snippet preview from @gogretel twitter handle with Twitter card Tags involved.
OGP Tags

Open Graph Protocol tags have 2 parameters "property" and "content". There is a link above to get details. Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest uses them.

Twitter Card

Only Twitter uses these tags with 2 parameters, "name" and "content". As open graph these tags also supports different types of content, starting from text summery of articles to media and even apps.

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