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Media & Markup

Proper usage of images, videos and solutions to HTML issues.

Media & Markup

Use of Header Area Tags

In a single search result you see 3 common things. 1 title, 1 url and 1 description, taken from the resulting webpage. Any search engine relies on such information to rank a webpage. 2 simple rules for commonly used tags: stay within permitted Length, put a keyword but keep it relevant, Don't spam.

Title Tag

Maximum size is 65 characters for this tag. Use your target keyword here for once. But maintain relevance and do not spam.

Meta Description

It's must be relevant and may contain a keyword. At the same time it should be accurate and not a spam. Keep it less than 160 characters.

Social Media Tags

More sharing brings more social media traffic. Use Open Graph and Twitter Card tags. Here is a free, easy to use tool with info about social tags.

An Idea on Rich Snippets and it's Effect on Search Engine Optimization, Other than Higher Click Through Rate Only. 

In search results you may have seen many more information other than title, url and description. They are taken from rich snippet of your webpage. Namely: images, ratings, reviews, social media profiles and info, event details, maps, product comparisons, breadcrumb navigation etc.

A whole lot of technical details are available in this Google article on how to incorporate rich snippet. But here we are talking about 2 seo aspects of this feature. Doing it right will get you higher click through rate (CTR), because visitors love beautifully represented search result.

Desktop with commented webpage, gripped by a screw gauge and a search engine lense at right-bottom.
When & how you should use

If you are running an app or affiliate or e-commerce or web portal website, you will find many features of rich snippet useful. For other contents in your site, breadcrumbs may be used.

Don't abuse it

There is a webmaster guideline on this specific issue. Sometimes people use false information to gain more clicks. But google has it's own techniques to verify your claims in those beautiful snippets.
You should provide right and accurate info to searchers. Otherwise you will get penalized with ranks.

Video and Image Optimization in Seo Html Markup

Images, videos are great to use for diverse range of purpose.
But don't use flash, it's outdated, reduces loading time and search robots can't read them.
Webpage with image and text beside a pencil, in backround of movie shooting instrument. Showing media and text balancing.
For visual awesomeness you must use images but remember just 2 things. Use alt, height and width tags in your image tag of HTML.
And please don't spam the alt text you provide. Give a 100 to 200 character description.
Publishing videos. Great !! it speaks thousands of words of text. Please provide a transcript along with title and description.
Because alike images, search-bots can't read videos too. So, if you can't place a transcript, provide text content related to the video.

Mark up and Coding Stuff

HTML or XHTML, whatever your webpage uses may have errors, resulting in user experience problems. These are not very important although. Still you may go through some of the important issues found out by a commonly used w3 validation tool.
If errors are not very big, you don't need to put too much time to rectify all of them. Almost all of the website we browse contains some problems.

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