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Manual Action

To take, such that ranks don't sleep out.

Manual Action

To be successful, just making a website is far from enough these days. You have to regularly keep an watch over many aspects. Failing to perform these maintenance jobs will cause trouble to your optimization and ranks. So, you may consider a sequence of steps as described.

3 Broad SEO Steps in website maintenance

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Search Engine Marketing

This includes referral and social campaigns as well as backlinking and brand building in time. Bring in new visitors to improve website worth in eyes of search engines to get more prospects.
This point is out of scope of current topic.

Paper rocket of with red colored tail to show motivation of maintanance.
Spam and Hacks

Getting spammed in links and content by others, will hurt value of your site. Also hackers may tarnish site's reputation by including unwanted material and hurting users with malicious virus.
We have pointed 2 weekly jobs to be safe.

Eyeball rediating light to check for performance issue of webpage.
Performance Watch

Arena of speed and user satisfaction is changing quickly with new techniques. If you fail to cope up with this essential factor, it may burn all your efforts. One should use smart tools.
Here you get a list of tools for faster loading.

2 Checks for Spam and Hacks

Periodic site maintenance works includes various action, depending on it's type. An e-commerce will be definitely different from a news-blog or a web-portal or a service provider, so to say. But you can have 2 types of jobs from seo perspective in any case.

Spam Removal
Link throwing comments, keyword rich user posts, repetitive or scraped info should be checked and removed on a regular basis. Build community without trolls and spammers. If you are using WordPress use Akismet and/or Disqus for commenting.
Hacking Monitor
Check if your site is showing same content in different devices and browsers or not. Monitor if there is any admin side database attack or JavaScript frame installed. Take a look at wiki for types and patterns of attack. Always backup your site to restore.
Stopwatch counting time for periodic actions to sustain seo.
Compass and yellow protactor to represent performance checking tools.

Maintain Performance with Tools

Speed, loading pattern & UX checks, recommended by Google guidelines

Page Speed

A Google Developer application to test overall user experience in desktop and mobile devices separately. It also provides solution to problems your webpage has. Test now.


It's an add-on or extension for most popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE etc. Powered by Yahoo , this tool efficiently checks 23 tricky points from a page. Install it.


Unique solution for very deep and detailed insights on a webpage's performance, with screenshots and waterfall view. You can even choose location and browser of testing. Test now.

Gogretel seo tool

Uniquely it brings you analysis on Google Guidelines. While other tools checks page performance, backlinks and achievements. Here you specially get complete in-page analysis. Coming soon.

With 1000+ active installs, an useful plugin for on-page seo insight