30th November 2015

Development done long and successes with sales. Lessons learned with Gogretel so far.

About 2 months ago, the considerable change has been made in Complete Google Seo Scan plugin. Changes were in user interface as well as in many core features. Now, the product is stable and ready for sustainable usage. Inspired by good reviews given by users, a new premium product has been introduced. Also without much promotion few sales took place.

That’s the nice part of it so far.

And, current focus is on future promotions through media outreach and guest posting along with social media connectivity. In this journey lots of lessons have been learned for commercial software development. Firstly, this post is going to cover such points. Of course there is a plugin developer’s guide. But following issues are very practical.

  1. Steady small updates. In stead of compiling a whole major upgrade in a single version release, it’s better to do it step by step. It gives a chance to fix the bugs in intermediate steps and keeps users happy. Otherwise a major upgrade will result in overwhelming numbers of bug reports.
  2. Usability = users intuition. For each piece of software interface designed the problem of ease of use comes in each case. Studying other popular products in the market one has to decide, how much intuitive the UI should be for this segment of users. The outcome will be intuitive of course.
  3. Usage of proper model and Document it. Code management and software architectures are 2 big terms and rarely practiced in small scale products. While developing this plugin, it was found that an file management model became necessary. There’s no harm doing this if the coder documents it properly. It’s for future process towards new developers working in the same project. Otherwise so many files will create confusion after a new era of development begins.
  4. Use Git only if there are too many people. WordPress repository is enough for maintaining the code. Still some uses github repository for sharing their code. One may do it only if it involves many people, otherwise it’ll be a futile exercise.

Above points are just general points I feel should be included and all the code related technical points are excluded intentionally.

So if you are interested about some more information about the plugin, please continue reading. Here I’m going to write about future plans on it.

Once you finish your product you are supposed to promote it in many ways. That’s the phase of work, currently undertaken. After this is done, there is a plan of action remaining for the plugin itself. A plan is there to include more features for better analysis. Take a look at possible improvement for future.

  • Server signature write check
  • Safe browsing check, Libwww-perl access
  • Caching scan enhancement
  • Include features of sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • Video & Flash check
  • Keywords spam check
  • Twitter v card display
  • Image file-names inclusion
  • Above the fold optimization – Visual Complition
  • CSS @impot calculation

Along with these, deeper documentation with help videos, periodic reporting and report emailing features are expected to be incorporated.

The New Extension

If you are an user of this product, you might have seen the competitive extension, which is premium part of this plugin. If install it, you will be able to scan even your competitor’s webpages and compile them into a single report to figure out optimum values for various parameters. It will also be upgraded if new features are included in the free one.

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