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Fooling Google

Not to get thrown out of SERPs for black hat seo tricks.

Fooling Google

Don't send automated queries to Google

Curious to know how your webpage is performing for different keywords from different locations? Use Webmaster tools, Analytics or any other legitimate medium. But don't use black hat software, which sends robots to search engine to track ranking, without their permission.
If you do such things even unknowingly, you are inviting trouble. Here are 2 reasons for punishment.

Policy Problem
Legally if the search engine has restricted any such attempt, violating their terms is offensive, because this is spam.
Resource Usage
Any such thing will consume valuable data, energy, bandwidth and other manual resource, which they have to pay for.
Paper bird with colors, flying away. To show automated robots, which spams search engines.

Stay Away from Link Schemes. Otherwise ...
You may get severe punishment like exclusion from rank pages. Here is What and How ?

Backlinks are recommendations or votes to improve PageRank. Some people try to manipulate it by unethical methods by buying or exchanging them. Using software to create such links automatically, too much article guest posting for this purpose alone, are also black hat seo. These are all forbidden.

Take caution for Unnatural Links in these ways: Don't throw spammy links while commenting in blogs and forums. Don't submit in unpopular website directories. Widgets and templates having your site's name at their footer will not help. Don't post article with too much links, having keyword rich anchor text.

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Optimize such actions

The best solution would be not to indulge in such activities. Yet sometimes you may have legitimate usage of such links. Google speaks too much in qualitative terms, making it hard to set a limit.
But if you must have such citations, which may look unnatural, following is the solution.

Use of nofollow links

While creating backlinks through articles, comments, widgets and tools in other sites, often use a "nofollow" "rel" attribute in those hyperlinks. Example:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">My site</a>

Tricky methods for crawlers and users.

With redirects or javascripts or flash, people sometime play with searchbots. They show something to search engines and something else to human users. Briefly here are 3 ways on how not to do it.

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Keeping a HTML page with relavant text for search robots but using Scripts, images and flash to show different content to human users.

Sneaky redirects

Presenting 2 versions of content using server side redirects from same url. It includes sending mobile users to different spam domain.

Doorway pages

They are multiple invaluable, useless pages optimized for differnt specific keywords and is kept only to drive users to a particular page.

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