22nd December 2014

What fancy web templates can do to your website SEO?

Justin wanted a beautiful website, like most of us. So, He settled with a premium template with a cool slider on its front page and thought –

“My fancy website will blow mind of those visitors.”

SAD thing is that, he got handful of traffic. Now, If the story sounds familiar, I mean if you have or you are going to have a super cool fancy theme.
STOP! Read this, before your website SEO is doomed.

A little background :

Websites generally get more visitors, landing on all other pages than home page itself. If you have a website, you can verify this from your Google analytics. This is how people reach home page from search engine :

→ So, most popular pages give your first impression in general, And one should put some effort to increase quality of regular pages than home page.

The Problem is:

1. Premium wordpress themes use loads of javascript and style files, on home page.
2. Usually, they use those excess files on every template, unnecessarily.

As, a result

→ Your sweet and cute homepage becomes little useful.
→ As well as, SEO of other pages also suffer.
→ Overall more People will bounce back from your web pages.

An example situation ↓

Increasing loading time of popular pages → makes your site rank low, increases bounce rates. Overall it decreases traffic. Now, you may ask Why designers of theme shops and template resellers are so dumb? I’ll say No, they are not. Because, they are trying to make the code manageable. It is your job to optimize it.

Now check yours :

Check with my free wordpress plugin or other free design tool, we have.
First, If number of HTTP requests by js and css files in home page is large ( e.g. say more than 10 )
then, you are sacrificing SEO, for beauty which people can’t see.

Second, Now, if the number is large for other pages too then, You are doing injustice with SEO of these pages also. Second point is going to hurt more in terms of visitors.

How to Fix?

if you are comfortable with code, Remove those fancy stuff and excess files OR add them conditionally for home page
You can just throw it away, and use some clean and SEO friendly template, which can also stand out in the crowd.
Because, I don’t know any high ranking blog with such fancy widgets.

If you know any let me know in comments. And, please tell me your thought and actions you took.

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