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1. Choose a target keyword for any of your page.
2. Find out competitor pages with a Google search.
3. Enter urls and scan them all just by clicking.
4. Lastly, just click Compare and Optimize to ...
... find out optimum answer to 10 important seo decision.

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See it working, a screen cast of 1:30 minute

Input the focus keyword and urls of page with higher Google ranking. Scan them and see comparative results.

optimize data display bar
Optimum range
Based on statistical standard deviation, calculate an optimum range.
Importance percentage display bar
Importance comparison
On a scale of 100 show importance of various factors to answer priority questions.
Button to fetch saved report
Save and fetch report
With one click save the report and fetch old report easily.

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Simple and crisp answers to conclusive seo decisions, all in one place

Should you write more words or use more HTML markup?
What are the most important heading tags, that you should use?
Bonus:Use of images vary greatly based on your niche. How many to use?
Importance of webpage parts for target keyword place? See what competitors are doing.
first 2 questions on words and links important heading tags Keywords and scoial media questions
Do you need to link more to outside resources or inside pages?
Bonus: How many competitors are using responsive design and ssl security?
How many times you should use focus keyword? Find out optimum keyword frequency.
Which social media network to focus among G+, Facebook and Twitter?

+ What is the average loading time of others?

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