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NAME : Complete google seo scan
DESCRIPTION : See seo status of your web page in light of Google webmaster guidelines.
So, use it and find the areas to fix and improve ranking.

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Display of Report Tables



Scanned points at left column of the table.



Values retrived from scan at middle.



Actions to do at right column of the table.

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Dtails on issues

Scanning Points


Page Data :

Information about header Tags be it essential or optional, the plugin shows you all of them. From this you can look into the invisible portion of website, what search engine sees.


Web Design :

How fast the site loads or what users feel about browsing experience, these are main concern in seo aspect of any web design process. This plugin deals with inside code features in detail.


Page Content :

Images, audio or video, all of these are media. Google can’t read them. But it scans text related to them alonh with text in page. Content hierarchy in page and site, text/html ratio, link numbers, attributes everything matters. And this plugin finds them out.


Technical :

URL size, type, quality and lot more is involved in this plugin. Along with server properties like If-Modified-Since header, Caching of resources, connection, delivery type etc. This is built to tackle all necessary properties of your website host.

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Few more things

Ease of Use

Bootstrap tooltip screenshot from plugin screen

Bootstrap Tooltips

Hover over underlined texts, to see details about point and remarks on tooltip.

Google Charts screenshot from plugin screen

Google Charts

Interactive charts using Google chart API for important data visualization.

pdf printing button for report screenshot

Print Reports

You can print complete report from default browser priniting with a click.

Few Common Questions

How to start scan ?

In admin page Go to Tools > SEO Scan and select a page or input an url. Click the Scan button.

Impact on performance ?

Interestingly, this admin side plugin does not reduce page loading time or performance.

What about updates ?

Next update will use Ajax and record history. Also, more detail scanning will be introduced.

How long scanning takes ?

Actual process takes less than 0.01 seconds. Total loading time is generally less than 15 seconds.

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