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See your webpage status in the light of Google webmaster guidelines. Also find fixes and improve ranking.


Page Data and Technical Issues

First of all, it grabs those header tags to extract values. Then matches it with guidelines to issue remarks. Along with meta tags, social media tags; e.g. og and v-card, favicon, canonical link are also computed.
Technical analysis: In a separate segment, URL size, type, quality are judged. Along with server properties like If-Modified-Since header, resources caching, keep-alive connection type, delivery compression type etc. are checked. Overall, This plugin is built to tackle all necessary seo properties of your website host.


User Experience Related

How fast the site loads and browsing experience of users, are 2 main concerns so to say. Google has given very specific rules, and some of those we have quantified to measurable units.
In an automated process, it checks for type, counts and timings of HTTP requests. Also, all the markup errors are sorted out and listed in a table.
In an unique solution, this plugin plots down a graph to show approximated visual completion pattern. You can match it with standard pattern in the background. You can consider the difference as a webdesign standard for seo.


Page Content, The Vital Force

In a webpage, images, audio or video, all of these media are present. Google can’t read them. But it scans related text along with normal text. Some of the defined parameters to test content quality are:
Content hierarchy in page and site, text/html ratio, link numbers, attributes etc.
Moreover, the plugin displays crawled text, anchor text, in-page style and JavaScript elements separately. You can look at them and the content composition chart, to understand how search engines will actually view your webpage.


You will get 4 tabs, each having 1 table. How to read the scan report tables? We have put scanning points at left hand side column of the table.



Second, you can see... Values or information retrieved from scan are put at middle column.



Depending on the info, the plugin decides to set 3 types of remarks. At right hand side column of table you can see it.


Some interesting specialties, worth mentioning

Interactive charts using Google chart API for important data visualization.
Bootstrap Tooltips
Hover over underlined texts, to see details about point and remarks on tooltip.
Print Reports
You can print complete report from default browser printing with a click.

Relevant Notes

To start with in dashboard, go to Tools > SEO Scan. There you can select a page or a post or even input an url. But before you click the scan button, please read few points in the Notes tab in the same page.

How long scanning takes?

Actual process takes less than 0.01 seconds. Total loading time is generally less than 15 seconds.

Impact on performance?

Blocks fixed to 12 Grid system. It allows you to find understanding between the designer and developer.

What about updates?

Will use Ajax and synchronized data. Also, more upgraded, efficient scanning will be introduced.

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