30th April 2015

Before Reinventing Complete Google Seo Scan Plugin for WordPress

Let’s Talk Practical.

Do you have one or more WordPress website(s)? May be for personal blogging, service freelance, digital downloads, agencies or an eCommerce.

Whatever it is, how you perform seo on that website? One needs some tools for that.

If you are a webmaster or a marketer you probably have used them so far. Free or pro. Put them in 3 broad categories:

  • Tools like PageSpeed or WebpageTest checks performance and user experience.
  • Tools from Moz or Ahrefs tell you in details about popularity and referral backlinks.
  • Plenty of small scale tools for content and in-page seo analysis. Just Google: “seo tools” and it will reveal everything. Say for example Seobook tools.

And of course there is Premium tool by WooRank, covering them all. Also there are handy plugins to help you with almost all seo requirements like WordPress Seo by Yoast. Here I am not including those you use for content, social and email marketing intentionally. Let’s focus in search engine optimization tools only.

Having Said all these …

In late August, 2013 I launched a Complete Google Seo Scan seo plugin for wordpress.org Clearly It was not a hit. Till date only 600+ active installs it has for current version 1.6. and average rating of 3.75

Complete Google Seo Scan WordPress plugin download statistics

Plugin download statistics from wp.org

There were 3 major factors behind this result. You may take them as excuses. But I was a newbie in whole internet thing, let alone WP plugins.

  1. No Promotions At All. After creating and placing it in repository, I just waited expecting it to be downloaded. I was so wrong, as today in jungle of 37,567 plugins nothing happens until you promote it through proper channels.
  2. Outdated Product Interface. Although I revamped features and interfaces for quite few times. Still it doesn’t seem up to the mark. Initially I got a 5 star and a 1 star review. Does that tell anything? I don’t know, it’s 50/50.
  3. Inconsistency in Project. Seeing not up to the marks results I quite that project for almost 10 months (almost 67 % of time from start till now) and was working on something else.

But now after rethinking the whole project, starting from product development to marketing, I am working on it till November of 2014, and just renovated the whole website.

Just before starting to work on developing the product, this post will remain historical for this project. It’s a new life for this concept.

OK. Enough With History. WHAT YOU GET ?

That’s most interesting to me. Yes, seriously. The whole rethinking has it as a core value: to provide user with a tool with 3 main quality: unique, useful and usable.

Those are vague and you want some specific at this point. right? Well, all I can mention in this post, it is going to have following things in an arranged manner.

  1. Server check. Important server factors that affect seo all in single place.
  2. Traffic metrics. From Alexa and/or Google Analytics, seo factor plots.
  3. Theme Check. Before you use a theme check it with PageSpeed, to know performance and experience.
  4. Plugin Check. Same with plugins. Check their seo friendliness.
  5. Content Quality. From Images, videos to text analysis for keywords and more.
  6. Popularity. Social Media shares and backlinks with their effects.
  7. Resource. On page seo tutorial available from dashboard.

For now check out the tool built so far at homepage of this website. Also, if you have read it so far or used the plugin or the online tool yet, providing a feedback is always an option.

And 1 more thing … See the image bellow, it’s cover photo of the plugin.

Cover photo of Complete Google Seo Scan Plugin

Cover photo of Complete Google Seo Scan Plugin

I think it’s not suitable, so it will be replaced by something charming. That will attract your attention. Say what? I’m joking. Download the new version of the plugin for it’s features not the cover photo.

If you are still reading this post, please get into email list you will find at bototm of the homepage. You will be updated and I will love you for your interest.

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