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Ads & Spam

Make money but stay within rules. Don't fool users.

Ads & Spam

Briefly, How does spam bring google penalties?

Of course reputation of your website stumbles on spam content. In eyes of visitors as well as search engines. Nobody likes it.
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Content Spam
If you allow unknown people to create content in your blog, forum or free website tools as free account holders or guests. You need to monitor them on a regular basis.

Otherwise many people will misuse the features to create or copy unregulated text or media items at their will.
Link Spam
More dangerous situation will be when they throw links (most of the time backlinks to their website) in content and/or comments.

search engines will penalize you for this actions. Use "nofollow" links instead.

Malicious Behavior Prevention

This is all about softwares, JavaScripts and other programming measures. If you are not into that technical soup, you may ask your webmaster to take a read.
Anyway if your webpage is found to be harming user's computers or browsers, installing programs, stealing their data or doing any other type of internet crime, you will lose credibility.
No search engine will show results from your website in their rank pages to protect their credentials. As simple as that.

A note on precautions and tools to safe guard your website and gaining long term protection from seo scams.

According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, you should take caution against 5 types of threats to users.
1. Don't manipulate page's link location to toggle clicking behaviour with undesired response.
2. Also don't include harmful and undesired stuff in user requested downloads.
3. Don't inject unexpected ads or pop-ups or replace content with ads, using JavaScript.
4. Don't install malware, trojans, spyware, ads, viruses or anything on computer of your visitor without their permission.

5. Don't fool users by changing any browser settings or search preferences of your user.

- You may use web of trust browser extension and see what people think about your site's reputation.
In addition type this example url to verify security status time to time:

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Do You Use Affiliate Pages?

While websites uses affilate pages to earn revenue, they have chances to ruin originality in areas of reviews, ratings, product descriptions, comparisions. In another situation they may affiliate from a different product category than their own nieche.

If your website has such problems and is only built with mainly affiliate pages. search algorithm will devalue your website for sure. You will not achive better ranks because of penalties by search engines.

To regulate this problem affiliated websites must create original content for targeted audience.

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